Morbid Fairy Tale

Boney Flowers

Boney Flowers

The most popular design in our Morbid Fairy Tale collection is this sumptuous Boney Flowers.

The entire design was drawn on A0 size papers with pencil, marker, colour pencil and reactive dyestuff, which created the illusive gradation and delicious watermarks.

It depicts a magical forest in Morbid Fairy Tale with imaginary flowers that often resemble lips, claw-shaped stems and eyelash-like tree branches. 


Boney Flowers is available in

  • heavy cotton sateen upholstery fabric

  • 45x45cm and 60x60cm piping cushions

  • 50x50cm seating cushions (perfectly fine as cushion as well with puffier fillings)

  • 2 colours of non-woven wallpapers (acidic pastel and hazy pastel) 


'가시나무 꽃'은 손이 뻗어나오는 상상의 꽃들, 입술을 닮은 꽃잎, 눈썹같은 나뭇가지가 있는 마법같은 동화의 숲 입니다.

  • 150cm폭의 톡톡한 면사틴 패브릭 (면 100%)

  • 45x45cm와 60x60cm의 파이핑 쿠션커버

  • 50x50cm의 방석 겸용 플레인 쿠션커버

  • 두 컬러 (애시드 파스텔, 헤이지 파스텔)의 실크 벽지