Morbid Fairy Tale

Leggy Hearts

Leggy Hearts

Leggy Hearts design was heavily inspired by German surrealist photographer Hans Bellmer's drawing and his iconic 'The Doll' series from 1936.

All the elements were drawn separately first, and redrawn in bigger scale to match the desired effect. 

It is a seemingly innocent cotton candy coloured world. Yet, upon closer look, you will discover some intriguing details and elements.

Lemon yellow and pink gives a fresh look on this overall soft aqua colour design, while sinuous thin line in white connects all very organically through out the pattern.

This design is available in

  • heavy cotton sateen

  • 45x45cm and 60x60cm piping cushions

  • 50x50cm seating cushion (perfectly fine as cushion as well with puffier fillings)

'각선미 잘빠진 심장'은 10개의 일러스트레이션으로 이루어진 아쿠아 컬러의 솜사탕 같은 디자인입니다.

부드러운 아쿠아 컬러에 레몬과 핑크가 상큼한 느낌을 주는 이 파스텔 동화 안에는 흥미로운 초현실주의 디테일들이 숨어있습니다.

  • 150cm폭의 톡톡한 면사틴 패브릭 (면100%)

  • 45x45cm와 60x60cm의 파이핑 쿠션커버

  • 50x50cm의 방석 겸용 플레인 쿠션커버